Doc and Katherine’s Canadian Adventure

Whereby we travel to the glorious land called “Windsor.”

A-way back in January, while Doc was visiting me in the Great White North (henceforth GWN), he lamented that he had never been to that exotic locale that lies even further to the North, that which is called “Canada.”

He also decried the lack of that fine dish, “poutine,” in the GWN, that dish which is native to the land even further north of here.  Thus, we set out to find the true poutine, the pleasures of which could only be enjoyed in the glorious land of Canada.

And so, we found ourselves a mere 45 minute drive from my home in the GWN, across (or rather, under) the gently flowing river that divides this land from that, in the place called “Windsor.” And how differently exotic we found it to be!

Alas, we stopped not to sample the nectar on offer at Canada’s favorite coffee chain; in our quest for poutine we carried on.

After winding our way through the strange alleyways of the hamlet of Windsor, we found ourselves at a local eatery called Gilligan’s.

And such delights did the menu offer! Hamburgers and french fries! Beer and soda (pop)! Desserts and appetizers! And, most gloriousfully of all, the most cherished poutine.

Not satiated with this singular delicacy, we further sampled the exotic specialties trumpeted by the menu: chili cheeseburger and bacon cheeseburger topped with such unusual garnish as peameal. Indeed, the addition of this peameal proved to be a culinary masterpiece in itself.

We marveled at the gourmet French-labeled ketchup.

It must be gourmet, 'cause it's French!

It must be gourmet, 'cause it's in French!

Our hunger finally sated, we set off to explore the paradisal river front. My budding cinematic genius was in full evidence.

Detroit, lovely as ever.

The benefactor of the riverside park.

The benefactor of the riverside park.

Doc by the river, with Detroit in the far distance.

Vandalized sign by the garden.

In case you couldn't read the sign... Canadian delinquents are just here to help.

We warmed ourselves with a sampling of nectar from Canada’s *other* favorite coffee chain (now owned by Wendy’s).

And then, we finally resigned ourselves to returning to the homeland, the GWN, consigned always to yearn for the exotic adventures awaiting us in Canada. And poutine.

The End.


2 Responses to “Doc and Katherine’s Canadian Adventure”

  1. 1 Doc February 12, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    Best blog post yet! 😀

    You should talk about our homemade fusion poutine.

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