Monday Night Feast

Yes, I know it’s Thursday.

I decided to do a little cooking on Monday, which I feel like I haven’t done in a while.  Let me qualify that: I haven’t cooked except for the usual eggs, hot cereal, and near-instant polenta + marinara sauce I made a while ago and then froze.

I had a recipe on 101 Cookbooks bookmarked for what seemed like an eternity, and a half of a cabbage languishing in my fridge for an equally long duration.  So I finally got around to making Jamaican Veggie Patties.  They happen to be vegan, and incredibly delicious. Seriously– the coconut oil in the crust turned out better than any buttery crust I have ever made. It was manageable even at room temperature, had the perfect balance of moisture and non-stickyness, and turned out flaky and light.  I think I will substitute coconut oil in my pastry crusts from now on.

I was surprised at how little of each of the vegetables the recipe used: I ended up needing one small (ping pong ball-sized) potato, a quarter of a softball-sized yellow onion, one medium carrot, less than a quarter of my cabbage, and a small fraction of the frozen corn and peas.  Yes, it has evil, evil corn in it.  The stuff I bought appeared to be industrial-organic, so just a minor step up from industrial. But whole, organic sweet corn is way better than the chemical-laden creepy stuff they put in store-bought pocket sandwiches (ew).

[Speaking of chemical-laden creepy stuff: I watched King Corn last night, as “research” for my final paper in Biological Anthropology.  I have a strong desire to make high-fructose corn syrup in my kitchen now.]

The veggie patty recipe also has white flour in the crust. I wonder if you could substitute all whole wheat pastry flour, and still get as nice a consistency in the dough? Probably not, but I might try it anyway, next time.

Anyway, the photo I took is not that attractive, the ones on 101 Cookbooks are more likely to make you want to eat these “patties” (more like empanadas, if you ask me).  Yes, the crust really is that yellow. No, I did not use soy flour– the color comes from the turmeric. Yes, it will stain your hands, food processor, glass bowl, and counter top.  It will also leave greasy yellow spots on the napkins you use to reheat the patties at school, making your colleagues wonder what the hell you’re eating. And they will be jealous.

I made some black beans and spinach to go along with the meal, because I could not stand not having something green and something protein-y with my dinner. So there.  I added one glass of cheap red wine, and was all set.


I made eight patties using one of my rice bowls as the pattern for the crusts. I managed to plan the filling:crust ratio perfectly, and had no leftovers whatsoever! [except for whole ingredients, which will find other homes]  I froze all but three of the final product– but ate those so quickly I took another out of the freezer for dinner today! Note: They freeze really well, already baked and wrapped in aluminum foil.  Reheated, the crust doesn’t get soggy/ hard. Hooray!

I am tempted to go buy the cookbook that the recipe came from: Vegan Soul Kitchen

Please don’t panic, Doc. I am not “going vegan.” It was just one recipe. I ate a lot of cheese today, and an egg, and put half and half in my coffee. But the recipe was quite tasty 😉

I used the leftover coconut milk to make some decadent vegan hot cocoa for dessert.

In other news: my cats have learned to jump up on the tall bookshelves in my office.  Sofi got it first, and sat taunting Speckle all day on Monday. Tuesday, he finally jumped up there with her, and she was pissed.


They seem to have worked out their conflict by now.

You have to admit, I have the cutest cat(s) in the entire world.


Admit it!!


1 Response to “Monday Night Feast”

  1. 1 Doc April 10, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    Woah! THAT shelf! i’m impressed! how do they do it??

    I will have to buy some coconut oil and play around with it. You used it to make granola bars, too, eh?

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