It was a wild and crazy weekend… betcha didn’t expect me to say that, eh? Well, wild and crazy in the omigodbusy sense.  The conference that three friends/colleagues/my roommate and I have been planning for over a year finally happened, and it went amazingly well.  We had a pretty good turnout for the public lectures by three invited faculty on Friday, and the closed workshop for anthro grad students on Saturday was really productive and, dare I say, fun.

I’ve spent the last month or so stressing out about the whole thing, and having spent the past two days coordinating the caterers; making sure our three guests were taken care of; planning and hosting and cleaning up after a house party; and moderating speakers, coffee breaks, and commentary, I am now utterly exhausted.  I dropped our last guest off at the airport this morning, and feel like I can suddenly relax. I just can’t forget to send thank you notes and the honoraria to the guests!

I’m going to pile on the vitamins and veggies this week in the hopes of staving off impending illness. Positive thoughts! You get what you give out, right?

Anyway, aside from reading a book for a paper I have to write for Tuesday (did I mention that I’ve been focused on the conference, and have let some coursework slide?! Uh oh.) I finally got around to starting my veggie and herb seeds today. I also finally got around to hanging the shop light I bought to help them sprout.  I actually bought the light three (!) weeks ago, when Doc was in town.  It sat in the corner of my living room until Thursday, when I spent the day frantically cleaning for the Friday party for our conference guests… it then got whisked downstairs to the tool room, where the plants will be spending the first 6-8 weeks of their lives.

I used old cardboard egg cartons and some purchased seed-starting soil mix (next year I hope to have enough homemade compost to start seeds and to spread around the garden!). I planted: amaranth, eggplant, broccoli, butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkin (heirloom green), bell peppers, sweet basil, lime basil, rosemary, lavender, epazote (Mexican herb), chamomile, and catnip (of course).  I’m also sprouting four varieties of heirloom tomatoes, a mix of hot peppers, and (attempting) chile de árbol from the seeds of the dried chilies in my cupboard. We’ll see how that works. Sprouts will get transferred to flats in about a week.

There was a moment of extreme frustration when I could not envision a way to hang the shoplight downstairs.  I wanted it low enough to hover over the flats of seeds, but I had no way to break the very heavy chain I had sitting around (left from a discarded bike tire-chain project… the snow melted, and I didn’t have the right tools/ variety of chain anyway. next year.) or hooks to hang it from the ceiling.  It got to the point where I might have broken the lamp if I kept going, so I set it down and moved on to the book for a little while.

Then, sitting on the couch and reading my book three hours later, it hit me! The chain is really long, so I was able to rig it through the hooks on the lamp, and loop it over two nails set into the ceiling beams at an angle. I was actually about an inch off (the lamp dangles a little too far over the edge of the table), but it still works– the flats of seeds are illuminated 🙂

pictures later… maybe when the plants start to sprout.


1 Response to “Plants!”

  1. 1 Doc April 6, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    Mmmm brilliant woman 🙂

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