Back up your Mac

About three weeks ago now (Thanksgiving weekend) my computer started taking a looooooonnnggg time to boot. Like, 45 min or so. And then a loooooonnnnggg time to run applications. And then, suddenly, certain applications stopped running altogether. Applications like Word. Not cool.

In a slight state of panic, I took my computer in to the Mac Geniuses at the mall. After an hour passed and my computer still had not booted up, they informed me that the hard drive was dying.

Lucky me, I hadn’t backed up a single document. And I had three papers due the next week. Brilliant.

So I ran home and waited for the computer to boot up, unwrapped my completely unused backup hard drive, hooked ‘er up, and yanked as much as I could off of the failing drive.  I was able to get everything except for a handful of pictures… mostly of the cats.

A friend was nice enough to lend me his iBook (he recently bought one of those really pretty new silver-shiny MacBooks… hi P.!) and I made it through finals.

Coincidentally, I bumped into another MacBook user the very next day– the guy that I sat next to on the bus at SNRE orientation, and who happened to grow up in the same (small) town that I had, and graduated from the same high school as I did, but 10 years earlier. He told me that *his* HD had crashed that very morning! And that the IT folks had seen three *other* white MacBooks in with the same problem earlier that week!!

The folks at the Apple store just told me it was “hit or miss” with HDs, and that this was “bound to happen.” I don’t doubt them, but c’mon. 5 white MacBooks’ HDs crashed within one week? And they were all purchased a year and a half ago? Whatever. I’m not switching back to a PC, I can tell you that much.

I guess I should stop carrying my computer with me everywhere.

And back everything up! Early and often!

(I got my faithful compu back today with a brand spankin’ new HD, and an OS upgrade to Leopard! Sadly, I also had to buy new versions of Word and photo-editing software, as I had used up the registration keys on the old ones :P)


1 Response to “Back up your Mac”

  1. 1 Doc December 18, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    hmmm you may have been able to get them to transfer the registration, if you mailed in an invoice showing the hard drive failure. Microsoft is apparently pretty good about that, believe it or not 😛

    What brand HD did they give you?

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