Made my evening…

I’ll be missing the Discussion from Hell tomorrow. It’s unfortunate, because the class topic is really interesting, I’m having fun writing the final paper, and the professor is really smart/ nice/ down-to-earth, but the… uh… range of personalities in the class make for a painful three hours each week. I leave every night feeling like a moron, having contributed very little to a discussion that I couldn’t really follow, because it doesn’t actually stick to the topic at hand. It turns into more of an ego-fest, with certain people engaging in 30 min-long monologues (seriously).  I think one student’s statement sums it up nicely: “You don’t have to actually *be* smart in grad school, you just have to *appear* smart.”  Uh… yeah.

So tonight, I was incredibly flattered to get an email from the professor thanking me for posting my thoughts on the articles to the website and saying that she was very sorry I would not be able to make it to class tomorrow.

Maybe “flattered” isn’t the right word… but her email really made my evening.  I feel like maybe I’m not such a huge moron after all.  I am also disappointed I’ll be missing the last discussion. It was an interesting set of articles/ book chapters this week.


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