And now I present… leftovers.

As it turns out, the beer AWBG suggested is precisely the brand that the recipe I had for baked beans called for. I don’t usually go looking for the specific brands mentioned in a recipe, but I give points to AWBG for the suggestion.

In all, the baked (er… slow-cooked?) beans turned out pretty tasty.  However, I think the pintos that I bought at the co-op had been sitting around for a while. I soaked them for ~10 hours overnight, and then slow-cooked them for a good 8 hours during the day… and they still were not-quite-tender. Hopefully the leftovers will be a bit better. Plus, I have a cold, which means everything is a bit lacking in flavor lately. I’m sure they smelled delicious while they were cooking– at least, my roommates said they did.

I also made some multigrain/ amaranth seeded biscuits from the same website (actually, I got the recipe from her print cookbook).  I know, I know, Doc (are you reading this?) you’re likely appalled that I chose a non- classic baking powder biscuit at all. Biscuits should be light, fluffy, and snow-white, right? Preferably doused in sausage gravy? 😉

Sadly, they did not turn out as light and fluffy as the picture accompanying the recipe might have indicated. Maybe because I used multigrain flour instead of the whole wheat flour it called for? Next time, I might add some baking soda as well, to try and puff them up a bit.

In any case, they were pretty good with some (vegetarian-ish) baked beans, and lots of delicious berry beer broth. I predict I will be eating them into the next week.

Hopefully, letting the beans sit in the broth for a few more days (in the fridge) will soften them up a bit.


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