Menú del Fin de Semana

On offer today, we have first a mug of the most healthful green tea, a dried-fruit entrada, and a cup of coffee. For lunch we have a lovely omelette con ensalada, cebollita y chorizo de pollo y espinaca.  Dinner begins with a glass of the finest Malbec [under 15 dollars], followed by Thai Curry with chicken, peppers, carrots, greens, and lemon grass, and Rice.

Tomorrow will feature Berry Baked Beans and Greens for dinner, with a small side of wild rice.


I think the Attractive Wine and Beer Guy (henceforth known as AWBG) at Plum Market is starting to think I’m an alcoholic. I see him every time I’m in that store. Which is multiple times a week.  And every time I go there, he asks, “Can I help you with anything, Miss?” He calls me “miss.” He seems nice. I need to come up with a good alcohol-related question to ask next time…

I stood for about 15 minutes in front of the beer selection today trying to decide which berry/ cherry wine would be most appropriate for my baked beans tomorrow. He came up to me and, seeing the six-pack I held, asked, “So, you like the wheat- berry beers?” I stammered, “Uh, well, I’m, uh, going to make some baked beans tomorrow, and it calls for either berry or cherry beer…” He kindly directed me towards a thicker, more flavorful beer than the one I held.  We’ll see how the beans turn out.


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