So, I was reading an article for class earlier today. I mean, really early. C’mon, look at when I’m posting, it’s 6:30 in the morning. Anyway.

I came across a word that I didn’t know (shock and amazement)– I have forced myself into the habit of writing these words down and looking them up. This is a change from last year, when I would just gloss over them and ignore them.  Then I realized that most educated Native English Speakers have much more expansive vocabularies than I do, and perhaps it would be a good idea to expand mine a bit beyond the realms of “dude” and “totally” and random bits of anthro-jargon.

The word? Otiose.  Meaning? “(Adj) Serving no practical purpose.”

There was a point in the recent past when I subscribed to the dictionary.com word of the day email. I got sick of these, because it seemed that I was getting really simple words that I already knew. So i rerouted the emails to my spam folder.

Just now (seriously, just now) I went to check my spam folder (one must do this occasionally, in case important emails from someone with a weird email address… say, like someone in Guatemala… accidentally gets routed into spam and deleted). The first email on the list was from dictionary.com (they send them out super-early in the morning).

The word? Otiose.

For serious.


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