Comfort Food

I don’t know if it’s the quickly dwindling daylight hours, the back-to-school grind, or my lingering insecurities… but I’ve had the blahs the past couple of days. So I fixed myself some comfort food for dinner.

Who am I kidding? ALL food is comfort food. But this was one of those nostalgic, perfect-for-fall dishes:

Tomato soup and grilled cheese.

I got the idea for the soup from 101 Cookbooks, and stuck pretty closely to the recipe.  I ended up playing off the sweetness of the roasted vegetables by putting in some basil and thyme rather than the paprika H. calls for.

I started planning on the soup yesterday, and grabbed the veggies I’d need at the farmers’ market this morning.  I went completely unplugged this morning, even leaving my cellphone at home. When I do that, I always run the risk of coming home and finding that no one has called me while I was away, and then getting sad. But today I got home and my brother had left me a voicemail, so I felt special.

After stocking up at the market (I bought squash blossoms too! I can’t wait to figure out what to do with them…) I camped out in a coffee shop to get some reading done. I was feeling very productive until the very quiet guy sitting at the table behind me left and was replaced by a very talkative couple (one of whom I recognized as my friend’s housemate… oops). *sigh*  I had just refilled my tea, but really couldn’t stand listening to the girl talk about how much work she had to do. So I headed home.

The craving for grilled cheese actually came later in the day.

I was thinking of how delicious some crackers and cheese would taste, and then realized that perhaps grilled cheese would be even more delicious with the soup. To market, to market.* Again.

I opted for locally-baked bread rather than the organic, sprouted-grain variety– although it was a very tough debate. Also stocked up on white vinegar, some flours, a bottle of wine for the week, ingredients for granola, and one extra topping for Sunday Pizza Night (artichoke hearts).

I was not carded for the bottle of wine at checkout. I feel old.

The soup and sandwich were a total success. Leftover soup for one more meal (I think I’ll add some sauteed kale…), and bread for french toast in the morning! Very exciting.

*No fat pigs were purchased at market.


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