Weird Dream

I had a really weird, detailed, and disturbing dream last night, and it’s bothering me. In the interest of catharsis, I’m going to describe it.

In my dream, I live on a long, skinny lot with a mini-forest of trees in the back yard. It’s a really big back yard.  I have rain barrels on the downspouts, and a compost pile, like in real life. The house is pretty much the same, except the deck is made out of pine, for some reason (even though that’s probably a totally impractical type of wood to use for a deck. I don’t know.)

I get home from work one day and find, first of all, that my books are messed-up.  Now, this actually happened in real life (Someone, who shall remain nameless, rearranged all of my books while I was gone this summer). But to make matters worse, the bookshelves are dismantled and some of the books (ones with bright blue covers, for some reason) are missing.

And yes, I swear I have color dreams, even though just about every psychologist/psychiatrist on earth would deny that.

I get mad at my roommates, and they apologize and help me to put everything back in order. But then– THEN– there is commotion in the back yard.  I go out back, and find that a landscaping company has cut down the entire mini-forest and put gravel and decorative rocks and grass in its place. They are in the process of putting up a fence across my backyard.  They also destroyed the compost pile and disassembled the rain barrels. I notice that it is really dry outside, and dusty. Big clouds of dust rise up out of the backyard.

My mom shows up, wearing sunglasses.  She understands why I am upset, and starts asking questions. As it turns out, the neighbors told the landscaping company, who was hired by the city, that it was okay to cut down all of my trees. She does not think that I should be mad at the neighbors, since it was a “misunderstanding.”

I get very, very angry and start yelling and screaming at the neighbors, who just stand there and watch me. I feel like nothing will ever be fixed, and everything is permanently destroyed, and the earth is totally wasted, and everything is completely hopeless.

We (mom, roommates, and I) go back inside and continue cleaning up the books. It is pouring down rain.  I am still really angry, and am sad that the rain is not getting caught by the barrels, because it was so dry out. So I go outside and start reassembling the rain barrels. The rain barrels are hard to reassemble and I get more frustrated and more angry. I vividly remember the deck, which is unlike my deck in real-life, and water dripping off of the roof and the gutters hanging down.  In the dream, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to place the barrels under the gutters– ie: on a platform or not?

Then someone tells me that another friend of mine has showed up, and I am suddenly very relieved.  I start to cry (in the dream, not in real life) and he understands why I am upset. He comes outside in the rain and helps me reassemble the rain barrels, and I calm down.  He tells me that we’ll re-plant the trees and re-build the compost pile, and everything will be okay.

The end.

It worries me that the house and yard were totally destroyed. My cats are acting really spastic today, too, and I feel like animals have a 6th sense about these sorts of things. Is something bad going to happen?? I now have an impending sense of doom.


2 Responses to “Weird Dream”

  1. 1 sue September 12, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    maybe they want you to review the rain barrel pages at the huge 214gallon unit when full would be very difficult to move 😉

  2. 2 Doc September 14, 2008 at 11:58 am

    it probably means you had caffeine too late in the day on sept 10th, and possibly too much sugar as well.
    not that you ever consume large quantities of caffeine and sugar 😉

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