1. Open Mouth, 2. Insert Foot

I take back a large portion of what I said yesterday. Also, I must plead that most of my irritability was due not to the class, but to other events. Gr. Anyway…

Today, we learned how to use Adobe Lightroom, a photo-editing program. I have been using a similar program called Aperture (by Apple) for about a year and a half, and am finally feeling like I have the hang of it.

In half a day today, we learned how to do everything I know how to do in Aperture, in Lightroom. And then some, because Lightroom is a much more powerful program than Aperture. Add to that it’s streamlined workflow and total transparency in regards to exactly what it does to your files, and I am one happy girl. Plus, there are books written about it! There are no instructional books (that I have found) written about Aperture.

I finished editing my photos from yesterday and find the new versions preferable to the ones I posted last night. However, they are on the lab computer, not my laptop, and I was not going to waste precious lab time by uploading them to a website 😉

Then I imported my portfolio from Aperture, only to find that (despite shooting in RAW format) Aperture had ever-so-conveniently compressed all of my Master files into JPEGs. Gr. I’m sure that if I had a better grasp on Aperture I could have prevented that. But now I know how to prevent that from happening in Lightroom. Hooray!

I re-edited many of my portfolio photos, and am pretty thrilled with how they turned out. I plan to organize , file, and catalog them in Lightroom (and then import the rest of my library… slowly).

Tomorrow we are going to a beach a little south of here for our second field trip. Our instructor has promised that the assignment will push us “beyond” yesterday’s assignment. Hooray!

Guess what program I will be investing in when I get home? Yeah. Lightroom.

For now, I am going to watch Senator Clinton speak at the DNC. I wish they would cut the drama (do we really need to know her pants suit- selection process??), but it makes for good television.


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