No place like…


Well, it’s certainly good to be back. I have been home for two weeks — minus one week up north, during which time I left my camera at home! shock. so there is no evidence to share, other than the assurance that I rode my bike lots (funny story relating to that, ask if you’re interested), ate a ton of vegetables and very little sugar (my mom’s a good cook), read very few anthropology-related things, and generally chilled out.

Other activities:

I painted my office a lovely shade of creamy yellow, with one wall a slightly darker shade. It is much warmer and more cheerful and I am more likely to want to study in there this year. The cats like it too.

I organized and sorted and categorized and filed all of the relevant articles from undergrad and the first year of grad school, except for the two survey/ intro courses from freshman year that just xeroxed sections of books. Those made more sense in their original binders. Then I took all of my books off of the shelves, assembled a new shelf, and put the books back on the shelves in new categories + alphabetical order by author. DAMN I am organized!

I helped my friend/ former boss/ mtbing buddy and her partner move in to their new house yesterday.  It’s funny, because I helped her the last time she moved (into her apartment).  Some of the furniture was familiar, and of course the bikes were very familiar. You know you’re moving- house the right way when you feel it in your legs (and not your back) the next day.

I went on a baking extravaganza for my friend in St. Louis who just moved into a new apartment.  Correction: his roommate moved everything (including his cat) into a new apartment while my friend was in Guatemala (with me).  It would be rough to come home to a totally new place. Hopefully massive amounts of sugar (and cat treats) will make it better. I don’t think I’m spoiling the surprise by writing this, because I don’t think he reads my blog (Doc, if you do read this, sorry for ruining the surprise. But you kind of knew what I was sending. Don’t tell Szasz, though).

My former roommate’s wife went into labor! No word since Thursday night, though. I’m beginning to worry just a teeny tiny bit. CALL, Kyle!

A friend of mine from the K’iche’ course is in town visiting her sister, so we are having a mini-reunion already and going for drinks tonight.

And finally… I am off again tomorrow morning at 5 am. Woo! I am taking a week-long photography workshop/ class in Rockport, Maine. I am a little nervous (what if I find out that I suck?!) and kind of wish I was staying at home to get organized some more, but I think it will be fun once I get there. Never mind that I hate (hate, HATE) flying. I should have planned to drive, because then I could have visited Erin and her new puppy (and Ryan) in Ithaca. Alas, perhaps another weekend this fall. After all, I have Fridays off, and my first class on Monday doesn’t start until 1. Hmmm.

Still no internet at home.  I don’t mind it so much; it forces me to get out of the house, and to use my time online more efficiently (read: I spend a lot less time on Facebook), and I am WAY more productive at home without the temptation of checking my email every ten minutes (or checking to see who’s online that I can talk to). Plus, I am less likely to go on a midnight book-buying binge on

If it were up to me, I wouldn’t give Comcast a single DIME more (rude, greedy bastards with terrible customer service… seriously, the woman I spoke to about *setting up* service was even rude!!), but I am overruled by my roommates.  So the addiction continues, next Thursday. 😛

And now, time to head back home! It is so hot out that my shirt will be soaked by the time I get there. Lovely. But… the leaves are already changing, which means it is almost my all-time favorite time of year! Fall 🙂 Hooray!


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