News in Brief

Weather: Beautiful blue skies last week, followed by the aftermath of a new Carribbean hurricane.

Health: Intermittent nausea over the past two weeks, sharply increasing in intensity throughout today. You know something’s wrong when I don’t feel like eating. I am convinced it will dissipate.

Cats: Manchas and Mix are thriving: Manchas thanks to the attention of Maribel, and Mix thanks to the attention of the gringos. Both act like crazy kitens. Hooray!

K’iche’: Verb forms up the wa-zoo.  Xkos nujolom.

Books: Have discovered a renewed love of reading.  Hooray, it was not entirely quashed by the first year of grad school!  Oh, English, how I love thee. How easily understood and entertaining your sentences are, how vivid the pictures painted through your prose… how much my brain thanks you after 5 hours of non-indoeuropean language learning every day.

Family-stay: Pretty good… my 18-year-old host sister sold me a corte (skirt)  this morning, which I then found out was extremely over-priced. I know I shouldn’t begrudge the budding entreprenure in my host family, but I can’t help but feel that I was a bit taken advantage of… At least she helped me to put it on!

Sanity: Ebbing… making lists of things to do once I get home.  I miss my cats and my friends.  And vegetables.


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