Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Last weekend in Xela, I very stupidly left my towel, my one and only towel, in the hostel my friends and I stayed at.  In my defense, one of my friends had moved it from its drying place on the bunk beds out to the balcony, thinking that it was a loaner from the hostel.  I was just too absent-minded to realize that it was missing, and didn’t think to go look for it.

I borrowed a towel this week, and figured I’d have to buy a new one in Xela this weekend.

So, my friend and I went back to the same hostel last night to stay.  We got two loaner towels, having neither of our own.  Guess which towel was handed to me? Just guess! MY towel!! The very same towel that I had left here last week!

What are the chances, of all the loaner towels they have at the hotel, and of all the guests staying there and using loaner towels, that I would get my very same towel back as a loaner?

My friend and I explained the situation to the girl working check-out this morning, and she was like, “So… that makes it yours! Keep it!”



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