Mangroves (and Black Sand) in Monterrico

Finally found a fast enough connection to upload my photos– here is a selection of the ones I took in Monterrico on the beach and during the “Sunrise Mangrove Ecotour.” FYI: I took my favorite pictures so far this trip in Monterrico.

For more (new from other parts too), see: I’m working on cleaning up the duplicates and getting rid of the ones I really didn’t like (and didn’t mean to upload).

Mangrove Ecotour, Monterrico

Mangroves at Sunrise, Monterrico

Mangrove Swamp, Monterrico

Mangrove Plants, Monterrico

Lily pad 1, Monterrico

Lilly pad 2, Monterrico

Lilly pad 3, Monterrico

Lily pad 5, Monterrico

Caimanes, CECON-USAC Reserve, Monterrico

Away from the resorts, Monterrico

Palo (en color), Monterrico

Sand, Sea, Sky, Monterrico

So I liked the lilly pads….


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  1. 1 A nice place to visit… « Kati en Bici Trackback on June 16, 2008 at 1:30 pm

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