Where in the World is…

Several things have occurred to me:

1) Many Americans do not realize that Guatemala is a country.

2) Those that are adept enough to realize Guatemala is a country do not know that it is a country in Central America, sharing a border with Mexico.

3) Even if you are intelligent enough to be able to locate Guatemala on a map (admittedly most people I know fall into this category), you might be a visual thinker and prefer to *picture* things that are described in things such as, say, blogs.

Thus, I include here a handy, zoom-able map of Guatemala, brought to you by the fine folks at Google (sadly not their Ann Arbor branch, but props nonetheless). It should be noted that this is the ONLY map I could find online that actually shows all of the cities I’ve been in, if you zoom in far enough. You have to zoom in pretty damn far (like, 4 bars from the most-zoomed-in) to see San Mateo Ixtatan, and even farther to see Nebaj. But you can see them!

Map of Guatemala

As a tip, use Huehuetenango as the center, and zoom from there 🙂


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