Packing List

I am leaving for Guatemala in two days, to spend one month traveling and one and a half months studying K’iche’. I find it somewhat comforting that the town I will be staying in is occasionally known as “Santa Catarina Nahualá” (Saint Catherine Nahualá). The town’s patron saint is Catherine of Alexandria, who is also the patron saint of female scholars and scientists. Booya. Not that I’m in to the saints or anything. Nor am I Catholic. In fact, having a patron saint of scholars is slightly baffling (didn’t the Church execute scientists? don’t they continue to have some seriously anti-science positions??). But still… I choose to ignore that she’s also the patron saint of spinsters.

Here’s what is in the pile-o-stuff to shove in my backpack:


mid-length skirt, ankle-length wrinkle-proof skirt, 2 pairs of light weight long pants, 2 generic t-shirts (no English writing on them), 2 button down short sleeve shirts, 1 button down long sleeve shirt, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, 1 pair PJ pants, 1 pair long undies, 4 pairs regular undies, 2 pairs of thick socks, 4 pairs of cropped socks, rain jacket, rain pants, 1 light weight capilene top, 2 mid weight fleece


A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, The Open Veins of Latin America, Camera Lucida, Decolonizing Methodologies (yes, okay, I know I said I was only bringing two books… maybe I’ll leave the last two at home. *sigh*)


toothbrush and toothpaste, face moisturizer with SPF 15, “sport” sunblock with SPF 30, hairbrush (small), hand full of hair ties, mini-alarm clock, headlamp, faja (sash worn with cortes, to wear as a belt), iodine tablets and Vit. C taste neutralizer, Claritin-D x 10, nail clippers, sunglasses, baseball cap, camera, extra memory cards, notebook, pen, iPod, cellphone, towel, shower shoes, waterproof cross-trainers, Chacos, sleeping bag

what am i forgetting??


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