I can say this now that all of my students have filled out their instructor evaluations, and all I have left to do is grade a bunch of exams, projects, and extra credit papers.

I was pretty sure that I was a lousy GSI.

See, I was teaching something that I really don’t know anything about. I had one class in anthropometrics last summer, which helped a lot. But I’m not a biological anthropologist.

Yes, I study “The Environment”… but I study representations of “The Environment.” That’s very (very, very) different from “Nutrition and Evolution.” Let’s just say, I learned a lot from teaching this class.

A few of the students thought I was an idiot, they made this abundantly clear. Some of them were majoring in Biological Anthropology! I had one (ONE) class in bioanth before teaching this class.

It didn’t help that about half of them were my age or older.

But then tonight, I got an email from this student that I know was really frustrated with the class. I don’t blame him.  He said, “I also just want to say that you were a great GSI this year. You clearly explained concepts in class and made it enjoyable to come. I was frustrated and confused by much of the course, but you helped with some of that I am grateful.”

And that’s why I’ll miss teaching.

…. until I look at the 75 exams I have to grade next week, and then I’ll snap out of it. Plus, I get to teach again in three years. Probably a bioanth class.


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