Leftover Rehab

Even though I went to Trader Joe’s today and bought way too much food for my weekly budget (the goal being to not have to go shopping again until classes are over, so I can be über-productive in the meantime), I had leftovers for dinner.

And they weren’t even leftovers that I had made!

My friend and I had an impromptu pot-luck last semester, the type of thing where you grab whatever is in your fridge and bring it over. He brought lentil soup.

He is normally a pretty good cook, and certainly enjoys cooking, but this soup was… um… not his best work.

He left it at my house, and I put it in the freezer for later.

(I feel only slightly mean saying that the soup wasn’t delicious, because this friend abruptly stopped speaking to me this semester. I have tried to call him, invite him over, hang out, etc, but he no longer replies to my calls/emails/IMs. I could elaborate as to why I think this is, but I will not. And the ‘too busy’ excuse is no longer tenable. I have friends that are much, MUCH busier than he and they still call me. Or at least IM me. I won’t lie. It hurts.)

I was really dreading the day that I would have to eat this soup up.

I literally spent all day dedicating part of my brain to figuring out what I could do to make the soup more tasty. While I was reading, the little section of my gray matter (okay, it’s a big section) assigned to thinking about food was churning away. In the shower, while I was planning my lesson for tomorrow, that little food section was still hard at work. The cogs were spinning, the hamster running hard on his wheel.

It needed something acidic… I had some tomato paste in the fridge… I could add that with some broth to thin it out… or some garlic chicken sausage? Bell peppers? All these were potentially disastrous in combination with this gray soup.

I finally decided to keep it relatively basic, caramelizing some onions and garlic, and adding salt (always a good idea) and lemon juice. A small handful of parmesan cheese on top, and the soup was actually pretty darn tasty.

One set of unsavory leftovers successfully rehabilitated.


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