For some reason, I kept thinking today was Sunday. I’m really glad it was Saturday, and I have a whole other day to work.

Got up early and went for a lovely hike in the woods out in Dexter.  Cohortmate and roomie went with.

I deliberately didn’t bring my camera, though, because I knew if I did it would take me twice as long. The idea was just to go for a quick hike (1 hr) and then come home and work. That said, I found myself framing shots in my head… perhaps I’ll go back tomorrow with my camera.

I was planning to go to the “Curator’s Ball” tonight (Archaeology party), but have lost motivation. My excuses? 1) I don’t have a space-cowgirl costume, 2) I didn’t read nearly enough today, and 3) …. I don’t really have a third reason. I’m tired? I went out last night?

So, in closing, a gem from my mother.  I share this knowing that she meant it with the best of intentions:

Mom to my grandma, after telling her about the fellowship: “So I guess that stuff she babbles on about maybe isn’t all bullshit after all!”

Thank you, mom.


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