“Triumphant Blog Post”

Errrr… yeah.

I received the best April Fool’s non-joke ever.  Sitting and waiting for  my least-favorite class of all time to start (I even like monkeys better, I swear), I got an email first from the program coordinator, and then from my [former? current? TBD] advisor congratulating me on my receipt of a very nice fellowship.

Confused, I typed back, “Really? This isn’t an April Fool’s joke, is it? I haven’t gotten a letter yet!”

Come to think of it, that’s how I found out I was admitted to grad school, too. My advisor (same person) emailed me in Guatemala to say “congratulations” and I replied “Seriously? I haven’t gotten a letter yet!”

So I verified it on the fellowship website. It took 10 minutes, because they made me change my password. Twice. Shaking, I stood up and left the class, alarming a few people in the process.

My first thought was “wow! now I don’t have to worry about the 10-term rule!” and then “…but I was looking forward to teaching Latin American Studies next semester.”

I called my mom, and she didn’t quite get it at first. “Wait, so you won’t be teaching? Won’t that hurt your chances of getting a job after you graduate? What about tuition? What about your stipend? They’re still paying you?! Why?” And then it clicked. “Oh! Wow!!”

I had a celebratory chocolate bar during the lecture for the class I teach.

In an incredibly sweet gesture, my friend brought over a bottle of (nice!) wine to share, and the appropriate glasses. He claimed it didn’t taste ‘right’, but I thought it was delicious.  🙂


In other news: I found my second gray hair today. In my eyebrow, like the first.  Maybe that’s a good thing– it’s weird that my eyebrows are darker than the rest of my hair (I don’t dye my hair, really).  If they’re all gray (actually, the hairs are white), then they’ll blend in more.

My mother also (just) informed me (on the phone) that if I would like anything from ‘my room’ [in my parents’ house] I should get it while I can.  Because she’s turning that space into a studio.


1 Response to ““Triumphant Blog Post””

  1. 1 richard shade gardner April 13, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    This is the first blog I’ve come to today – in my leisurely search for what’s out there – where I was able to read even one post.
    Most have nothing to say. Here, I’ve actually read half-a-dozen of your posts. I stumbled over ‘pet’ as past tense, but I guess you’re right.
    If you are interested in having a mutual link with my site, please let me know
    Rich Gardner

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