Macs and the Mall

I had a 9:15 appointment with the Mac Geniuses this morning. I love the Apple Store. Love them.

This is the third time this year that I’ve had something go horribly wrong with my Mac. Maybe that doesn’t sound like such a nice endorsement, but considering that I’d have something go horribly wrong with my old Dell at least once a month, that’s saying something. Something good. About Macs.
Plus, consider that with my Dell, I’d call customer service, sit on the phone listening to crappy music for a half hour, get a machine, get another machine, talk to a person, get transfered to another ‘person’ but really get a machine, and then finally talk to someone who would tell me that my warranty had run out and there was nothing they could do. So then I’d take the computer apart myself and poke at things until it stopped making weird noises.

With my Mac, I hand it over to the real-live Genius (and yes, I’m going to use their cute little title, I like them that much) make a sad face and say something to the effect of “Umm, the thingie that’s supposed to do that other thing doesn’t seem to be working, and I think it’s missing another thingie that I might have broken.” And then they fix it. For free.

Last time, the one downfall was that I ended up spending way too much QT at the mall. 12 hours. Like, totally, oh my gosh. ::hair toss:: But Macytosh was looping Gray-Screen-O-Doom on startup, so I waited. Patiently. With Starbucks and Mrs. Field’s for support.

This time, I was an idiot and dropped my charger on my keyboard, and broke the “f” key. Considering my last name starts with “f”, and every username I have for every account ever therefore has “f” in it, I was bummed. When I handed Macy over to the Genius, he took one look at the keyboard (cracked in one spot, with cat fur stuck between the keys and smudges from my filthy hands all over the wrist-rests) and said “Er… we’re going to go ahead and replace this whole top part here, at no cost to you.”

An hour later, and I am headed back to the bus with a bright-and-shiny new keyboard on my faithful laptop. I love Apple. Mostly I love the Geniuses.


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