Friday Coffee Shop Tally

Who I’ve seen walk past while I’ve sat and “worked”:

1) The student with the highest grade in my class. First she stopped for a smoke break, and then later she walked by.

2) The girl who is always in the Teaching Tech Support office when I go to rent a laptop.

3) Fellow Latin Americanist and socio-cultural cohortmate. I tapped on the window but she didn’t see me. I think she was heading to class.

4) Her roommate with another ling-anth (both cohortmates). Headed in the wrong direction to see me. Otherwise I would have made faces at them, and they would have looked at me like I was crazy. Which is nothing new.

5) Socio-cultural cohortmate with his anthro-history girlfriend/partner. They walked down the block, and then back again on the other side of the street.

6) English PhD guy that I see at all the GEO meetings/ rallies. He’s cute. He also knew that it was Sisyphus doomed to push the boulder up the hill for all eternity (my friend and I asked him this for some reason that I can’t remember now).

7) Bike teammate. He’s a roadie, but for some reason he was on a mountain bike. Without a helmet. Boo. He rode back in the other direction carrying a bag of groceries.

8 ) SNREd girl who did her undergrad here… friend of a friend, but I don’t think she knows my name.

9) Documentary seminar-mate. The one who can be counted on to carry the discussion during a lull.

10) A ling-anth (writing up) who’s name I can never remember! I always see her, though… coffee shops, around the building… I wish I were better at remembering names.

11) Another documentary seminar-mate. The one who does research on Japanese pornos. He came in and said ‘hi.’ 🙂


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