Easter Sunday: A Photo Essay

Easter Sunday

Lots of work to be done at the kitchen table.

Sunday Morning
Lots of work. 75 exams to grade. 15 short essay questions each.
A lot of work
After the finishing the first page of each exam in the first section, I decided to take a break and make a quiche.
First, to make the crust.
Whole wheat pastry flour, a stick of butter, a pinch of salt. Very basic.
You must weight it down with dried beans so it doesn’t bubble during pre-baking.
Beans in the Crust
While the crust baked, I sautéed some leftover red chard for the filling.
Chopped Chard
Chard Sautée
Meanwhile, Kyle played with Speckle the Cat.
I think Speckle was too smart for that ping-pong ball, though.
Smart Kitty
Once pre-baked, the crust was filled with chard, roasted potatoes/ garlic/ sweet onion/ rosemary, and egg custard.
Quiche Filling
Egg and Cream
Egg Custard
Work dwindled while the quiche baked.
… Perhaps “dwindled” is too strong a word…
Slightly Less Work
The final product spurred us to [take another break to] go outside.
Final Product
Living with Kyle is a lot like living with my brother… always “amusing.”
Funny Kyle
A short hike in the nearby woods…
Tree and Plough 1 Tree and Plough 2
… And back home to finish work!
almost done!
The End

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