biding my time

it’s exam week.

for my students, not for me. which i think might be even worse. i told them that at 11:30 PM, i will stop responding to questions. i will answer their questions as promptly as humanly possible, until 11:30 PM. i will not answer any questions the day of the exam.

really, though, i think 11:30 is generous.

so now i’m sitting here, trying to stay awake for another 20 minutes, hitting refresh on my inbox so i don’t miss any frantic emails.


i talked to my ex tonight, who lives in portland, or. we were coworkers and friends and have managed to stay friends thanks, i think in part, to the distance.

he’s moving to spain on monday.

hot damn. i am both extremely jealous and not jealous. i’ve never been to spain.

his move is completely impromptu, which is typical. i think he bought his ticket last week? he’s going to be spending a month in sevilla, and then moving to madrid to (hopefully) find work teaching. i would really relish the chance to wander around like that for a little while. i would love (love, love) to hike the camino de santiago in northern spain. a friend who hiked it told me that it takes about a month…

i’m feeling kind of antsy lately, and i know that summer will be here soon along with the chance to get out of town for four months. hopefully.

but in all honesty, i really wouldn’t rather be doing anything else right now. except maybe sleeping. i’m really digging this grad school thing, and plan to keep doing it until they either give me a degree for all my hard work, or tell me to scram.

so now i’m sitting here, trying to make sense of my spinning thoughts, indulging my total dorkiness for another 5-7 years so i can go out and share said dorkiness with the world.

i acknowledge that i will likely irritate a great many people in the process, further alienate myself from normal society, and come back to academia in short order. but that’s what i’ve expected all along, and i relish that too.


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