cooking therapy

on the menu tonight:

– one glass of Three-Buck-Chuck’s Cabernet Sauvignon

– red wine and beet risotto

– parmesan and garlic breaded chicken (baked)

– greens from my friend Shannon. Some as a salad with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt (a la chilena) and some sautéed with salt and oil.

Shannon ( sells assorted authentic greens year-round at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. Roomie and I helped him bag salad mixes for the market on Friday, and got a few bags of greens (!!) for helping 🙂

fact: constant stirring cuts stress by 50%, and also leads to creamy risotto.

myth: having a nice camera means you take good pictures.

fact: the lighting makes the shot. clearly the lighting was off in this picture. food stylist i am not, but the risotto was actually that color.

Red Risotto

“that color” is also the color of my kitchen table, living room couch, cookware, stand mixer, colander, dish towels, and my front door. it happens to grace some pillows i have in the living room, my hall rug, and my kitchen rug.

yeah, i like that shade of red. i think it was a good sign for the risotto’s mood-lifting powers and general deliciousness.


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