Mondays (A case of the ~~)

Courtesy OED (American usage).

Monday |ˈməndā|
the day of the week before Tuesday and following Sunday : I saw him on Monday | the Monday before last | [as adj. ] Monday morning.
on Monday : I’ll call you Monday.
• ( Mondays) on Mondays; each Monday : the restaurant is closed Mondays.
ORIGIN Old English Mōnandæg [day of the moon,] translation of late Latin lunae dies; compare with Dutch maandag and German Montag.


There was a time, not so very long ago, that I started all of my papers with either a dictionary definition or a quote.  Yes, I was one of those people.

In fact, I think I did it right up to the first two papers I wrote last semester. The grades on those papers cured me of that habit.

Sadly, the dictionary definition of ‘Monday’ doesn’t quite do the word justice. Think of all of the connotations that word draws on. Monday. Manic Monday.  I have a case of the Mondays.

Got up this morning actually on time to swim. Remember that, I was on time. Sat and pet the cats. Ate a bowl of granola. Put my swimsuit on under my clothes.

Suddenly, I was late for the bus.

Jogging up the street, not quite to the end of my block, I remember that I forgot my makeup bag. I know, I know, that sounds frivolous. Normally I wouldn’t have cared. But today I’m teaching, and if I don’t try to look my age, I look my students’ age. Which really, I am.  But there’s no need to emphasize it.

Turn around, head back.  By the time I get home (not jogging this time) I have missed the bus I was running for, and am about to miss the next bus too. I could take the 6:55 bus and be in the pool by 7:20, but then I wouldn’t be out of the pool until 8:00, which means I wouldn’t be prepping for class until 8:45, which would only leave me an hour and a bit. And I want to come up with a ‘fun’ review activity to do before the exam on Thursday, which will take more than an hour to do.

So I shower. Lather, rinse, repeat. Swimming can be postponed until after class.

On the bus, I run into a frequent customer at the bike shop where I worked this summer. He’s maybe a bit younger than my parents, and his fifteen-year-old son always hits on me when they’re in the shop (or at least gives that impression).

He’s awkward. One time, I ran into him as we were both leaving this popular mountain biking trail, and he says “It’s so nice to see a woman not afraid to ride out here alone!”

Errrr. Thanks? ::turns and sprints away::

Class is fine, I end up with 15 extra minutes to read after getting everything set up. All is well, except… I forgot my lunch.

No worries, I had also forgotten that I told a couple of friends I’d meet them at noon, and receive two emails reminding me. Swimming is pushed back to 1pm, just enough time to make it to my dentist appointment at 2 (if I cut it short a bit).

Lunch goes late. Which is fine, it’s good to catch up.  But by the time I am heading to the gym, it’s 1:15. That means that by the time I get there and change, I’ll have 30 minutes to swim and shower. So… 10 minutes to swim. If I rush (since really I don’t care what I look like at the dentist).

I decide to head to the student lounge and sit for a while instead. Chances are I’ll run into someone to talk to, or at the very least be able to check my email. I can swim at 4pm, before the student association meeting at 6 and the teachers’ union meeting at 7.

I make the mistake of voluntarily filling out this survey that Human Subjects Research sent out to people that had applications in the past year. They claim it will only take 15 minutes. LIES! A half-hour later…

Dentist appointment at 2.  I’m not in their scheduling system.  I show the lady behind the desk the slip of paper I had scrawled “Dentist: Mon March 10 2-5” on. Nope. Not in the system.  She pages my dental school student, who shows up to retrieve another patient and then disappears before I can catch him. I’ll have to call and reschedule.

So… now what? I can go home and see my cats and have something resembling a healthy dinner (no swimming, the pool is closed until 4)…. or I can hang out on campus, swim at 4, go to the meetings (in which we will discuss an issue that I’m actually concerned about) and have some greasy pizza for dinner. Excuse me. FREE greasy pizza for dinner.

Needless (?) to say, I chose the latter. Got a coffee refill and parked myself in a window to read my last article for the week (what’s that?! I’m… I’m…. on TOP of things?! ::GASP::).  Coffee shop instead of the student lounge because I don’t like to give the impression that I live there. Nor do I like to feel like I live there.

And I left a plate of cookies sitting on the table that I might eat if I’m sitting next to them for too long.


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