Sitting in a coffee shop: reflections on productivity

Sitting in a coffee shop and staring out the window, I have seen (in the past hour):

– My friend’s girlfriend. Third time in two days I have seen her on campus. Second time today (first time was getting off the bus… weird). She doesn’t make eye contact. I get the feeling she doesn’t like me, but maybe I’m wrong. We’ve only met once.

– My cohortmate/friend’s boyfriend (same person) on a bike. He is distracted by the traffic light and does not see me either. I like his bike, it has nice fenders. And it’s very clean.
– My other cohortmate on a bike. She is also distracted by the traffic light, although I send mental vibes to her to turn her head and see me waving. I think she got a new commuter– it seems she was on a mountain bike before. Her bike also has nice fenders. I need to get some fenders.

– My bike-teammate in a full team ‘kit’. I conclude he is heading out for a ride, because he lives in the opposite direction. I’d like to be heading out for a ride, but am afraid of the ice still on the road.

– One of my students. The one who is studying the same majors I did as an undergrad, and is even in the Residential College. Craziness.

– The same woman walk in front of the coffee shop three times.

Sitting in a coffee shop, I have accomplished (in the past hour):

– Read the latest post

– Drafted an email response to a professor at another university who was kind enough to suggest some references to me.

– Sent an email to a friend who invited me to dinner tonight.

– Watched the latest nine minutes of quarterlife. I’m starting to lose interest already. It’s better that way.

– Downloaded the dissertation of a woman I spoke to while I was applying to grad schools (she is at a different U) and read the abstract. She works with conservation and indigenous groups in Guatemala, and has done very interesting work.

– Deleted five extraneous emails as they arrived.

– Wrote this post.

And the good news is… I still have 3/4 a mug of coffee left!


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