Screw Flowers…

If, by some random, felicitous chance I have a secret admirer (har dee har), this is what I want for Valentine’s day:

No ugly pretentious roses, not even sweet pretty wildflowers (I mean, if I were to get flowers…).  Just chocolate.

Delicious, fair trade, organic chocolate available at the People’s Food Co-op and other Fine Retailers.

(A friend of mine introduced me to this when she got a package from her sis for Christmas… I have to give her the credit. Otherwise I never would have tried 3400 Phinney…!)

PS. I make a big deal about not liking Valentine’s Day (aka: Singles’ Awareness Day). But it’s just a show. I assure you, I love both chocolate and flowers. Especially when they’re from my mom. Plus, pink and red are my All Time Favorite Colors. Yes, capitalized.


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