Insomnia and Rollers

Had difficulty sleeping last night. Spent an hour tossing and turning, got impatient, and got out of bed to waste time. Spent a good 45 minutes reading blogs, looking up a couple of words in Italian that had been used to make a point about ‘translation’ in an article I read (discovered that one of them had been misspelled. gr.), and listened to music. Finally fell asleep to the sounds of my cats purring. Awww.

Got up this morning and (drumroll) rode my bike! Inside. On rollers.


This lovely picture of rollers is from the Saris Cycling Group’s website. I think it indicates very nicely what rollers look like in use.  For a fantastic description of how one actually goes about ‘riding’ these things, see The Fat Cyclist’s excellent explanation. My rollers are nowhere near as nice as his, and I can promise that I don’t ride them nearly as well (or for nearly as long… I managed a half hour this morning).

For one thing, I cannot ride my rollers placed in the center of a room as shown. I need at least one wall nearby to frantically grasp in the event that I swerve side-to-side and fall off, which happens frequently.  So, I put my rollers in the hallway between my bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen, providing a solid grasp of not one but TWO door jams in the event of my losing balance.

The cats found this extremely amusing.  Sofi, the braver and more intelligent of the two, took to getting her kicks by running around me like a maniac while I was riding.  There were a couple of times where she came close to running smack into my spinning wheels. Brilliant.

Spec held back until, urged by Sofi no doubt, he followed suit.  Of course, just as I was starting to ‘sprint’ (as much as you can sprint on those things) they started chasing each other up and down the hallway.

By some kind of miracle, I managed to maintain my balance while keeping an eye on the little rapscallions; I neither fell nor created creamed kitty.  I credit the solid beat provided by “Ok Go: Master the Treadmill” free from iTunes. Meant for treadmill runners, works just as well on a ‘bikemill’ (rollers).


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