Yes, I’m going to do the cliché “New Year’s” post. Even though I haven’t posted since September. Hey, I’ve been busy! But school and life are great, and I’m looking forward to 2008. And apparently I’m a poet.

I closed out 2007 the way it deserved to be closed out: a day of intense cleaning (vacuuming, disinfecting food prep surfaces, cleansing my closet of unflattering clothes), creative baking (chocolate chip cookies, brownies), followed by some merriment in the company of like-minded friends.

I have to say, I’m not crushed to see 2007 go. I’m pretty excited to see what 2008 will bring. I’m optimistic.

After all, it started out so well.

We had massive amounts of snow fall from the sky last night, which I got to walk home in. Feeling whimsical in a park at 3 am, I decided to drop and do a snow angel. My friend who was accompanying me grew up in the snow-less south. He needed to learn how to do a snow angel. And I was drunk.

I realized when I walked in my door at 3:30 and greeted my cats, that I was no longer in possession of my cell phone. I had it leaving the party, because I had checked my voicemail and noticed that my dad had called at the highly inappropriate hour of 10:30 pm (seriously? seriously!).


My phone was lying somewhere in the park, likely where I had plopped down to do an angel, and was quickly being covered with the snow that was still falling from the sky. Being tipsy and tired, I decided to take my chances and hunt for it in the morning.

I was up at 8 am (okay, 8:30) to brew some coffee and fry up a cheese omelette before strapping on my skis and hitting the unplowed roads. I missed prime road-skiing by about an hour. I was chased by the snowplow the whole way back to the park. People were invariably cheerful as they shoveled their sidewalks, though, and the mood was contagious. There’s something magical about a perfect fresh snow on the first of the year, with the trees all coated in fluffy white lace…

I reached the park without destroying my skis on pavement, and found the still faintly-visible impression my snow angel had left. I started digging.

I dug out the obvious parts first. The snow was excellent packing snow, and I found myself making snowballs as I excavated the torso and arms of the angel (locations of pockets on my jacket). No luck.

My digging expanded in a circle around the angel, and I started hoping that someone was up early enough to think of giving me a ring (dad?). Still no luck.

Feeling dejected, I plunked down in the middle of my angel and started chucking snowballs at nothing in particular. I thought of how ridiculous I must look to passers-by, and how silly it had been to hope that my phone would be there after five-plus hours of heavy snow. Just what I wanted to do: dish out for a new phone, out of contract. Best to wait until the spring thaw.

And then, as I scooped up one last snowball, I saw it! My little gray wrist-lanyard! And attached to it… my phone! Slightly slippery, but still appearing functional! I gave it a try, and checked my voicemail. Success!!

Gloating and slightly giddy, I called my mom to share my story. She seemed only moderately impressed. I was happy enough, though, that when my binding broke half-way home, my mood stayed as cheerful and fresh as the snow I’d soon be shoveling from my driveway.


And so, I leave you with my New Year’s resolutions.

1) Cut back on coffee. After I polish off the pound I’m currently working on, I’m switching to herbal tea. Tea people just seem so much more peaceful and well-balanced. Coffee people seem sleep-deprived and stressed-out.

2) Continue swimming twice a week, add in yoga and eventually a once-a-week outdoor trail ride. My poor bikes need a dusting.

3) Keep a journal. Nothing fancy, just some daily thoughts.

4) Learn how to roast a chicken, and then turn the bones into stock.

and finally,

5) Discover a new bread recipe, and master it. I love french toast!

Happy New Year!!


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