Now that’s what I call ‘patriotism’

Those would be the über-patriotic red velvet and vanilla cupcakes my mom made for the Fourth of July. Like the firework and flag action? They’re even tastier in my stomach (and I’ve eaten no fewer than five so far). C’mon, what’s more ‘American’ than red, white, and blue sugar-laced butter-filled cakes coated with more sugar and butter?!

Yesterday being the fourth of July, we engaged in all sorts of patriotic acts… like walking in to town for coffee, and leaving ten minutes before the start of the parade. And laughing at the people dressed in gaudy red, white, and blue on the way home. And laughing at my uncle for spending $1400 on fireworks to set off on the dock. And making red and white cupcakes (oh, Canada– we added the red and blue sparklers and American flags just to clear up any confusion). And gorging ourselves on ribs, chicken, cheesey potatoes, brownies, fudge sauce, cup cakes, and ice cream. Oh, and sangria. Don’t forget the booze.



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