Sunrise at Sleeping Bear Dunes

sunrise over north manitou island, sleeping bear dunes, MI

I drove Up North last weekend, leaving Saturday after work and taking advantage of my nice new Monday-Tuesday-off work schedule.

It was so nice, I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders the further north I drove. My roommate just laughed at me when I said that, but I swear– the minute I drove over the Washtenaw County line on my way home, my shoulders went all tense again.

On Monday, I got up shortly before sunrise and went for a hike in Sleeping Bear Dunes… the path I always take with my mom and the dogs.

And so I brought my camera, which has not been out of its case since Guatemala (or… well… since i took pictures of the new bike the night before!). I wasn’t sure how these would turn out, because I haven’t been feeling particularly creative lately. But these shots make me happy:

looking over the dunes, towards glen lake
ripples near the petrified forest
I had spent the night before out on the dock (until I woke up shivering violently at 1 am! Fleece blankets aren’t nearly as warm as my -5 degree down sleeping bag. duly noted.). I sadly learned that the max time for shutter speed on my DSLR is 60″. one minute. not long enough to capture the night sky so effectively… wah. I would love to find a darkroom to use so I can switch back to my grandpa’s full-manual Canon. Or perhaps I shall set up my own darkroom…

here is the result, moon over glen lake

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