and so i bought another bike


i bought a singlespeed! hoo-ray!

am i crazy?! perhaps…

i’ve wanted a singlespeed since my sophomore year, which is the year after i bought my first real geared mountain bike. i started looking up parts to build my own, and searching ebay periodically for something ‘affordable’ (cue hysterical laughter), but i could never get the price to where i felt comfortable buying. and then i started working at a bike shop.

specs (’cause i don’t feel like re-typing them): Redline Monocog Flight 29er

she’s completely stock right now (except i peeled the headbadge off. it was ugly. and my roommate put on some jumbo kendas. and bolt-on grips.) we’ll see what little upgrades i make… i’m thinking some pink accessories (headset, saddle, grips, hubs?). she looks like a boy’s bike with the avocado green and the black trimmings. that just won’t do.

i was a bit tempted to build up a frame myself, but decided that if i really wanted to do that, i should buy the stock bike and sell off the parts i didn’t want to be more economical.

i think her name is either Limona (ie: Lime in Spanish, but with a girly twist) or Paltita (ie: little avocado in “Chilean”).

she will get ridden tomorrow. island lake. not too technical, not too hilly, not too scary. perhaps i’ll ride poto next week… heh.


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