I’m Alive!

Oh goodness, it’s been a while since I last posted! Almost a month!!

This is not entirely my fault. We lost internet service for about three weeks… which, in fact, was the last time I posted.

Things continue in San Mateo:

The weather is gorgeous and sunny during the morning, and the mist rolls in from downvalley around three in the afternoon.

The kids have interminable energy, which they use to generally follow their own plan (and not mine!). You can’t help but love them for it!

I am in round three- in- two- months of a recurring stomach bug… I’m starting to fear it’s not just first-year-teacher syndrome. I guess I deserve it, I’ve spent long enough bragging about how I’ve always been able to eat street food and drink the water without problems wherever I’ve been!

My thesis research is going well– sometimes frustrating, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes utterly confusing, but mostly interesting and fun 🙂

Stress is mounting over some big decisions to be made– I will officially have two days to decide on a grad school when I get home! I am currently leaning very heavily towards Michigan (over Arizona), but there are a lot of logistical things to work out with coordinating a program between SNRE and Anthropology.

This Friday is my last day of teaching! On Saturday and Sunday I will be taking family portraits for a few of my students and conducting interviews in town, and Monday morning at six I am heading off to Huehuetenango. From there I will spend a day or two in Todos Santos Chuchumatán, and then another couple of days across the border in Mexico (partly to renew my visa, partly to see an “indigenous photo project” in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas).

I am greatly looking forward to that week as a time to decompress a bit, see some new places, and think about something other than what I have planned for class the next day!!

Then there’s Semana Santa– Mom will be here to go hiking with me 🙂 yay! And we will be painting some murals in the school, then heading to Antigua for a couple of days.

And then– HOME! I must admit, I am looking forward to being home again. It’s not that I don’t like it here, because I do (and this is probably the first time I’ve been in a new place for an extended period that I can see myself returning for another extended period).

I think with all of the things I need to organize at home (living situation beyond August, plans for summer after June 20th, feeding and medically insuring myself beyond August, officially clicking that “accept offer of admission” button) plus an extremely stressful and mostly unplesant living arrangement here, I will be glad to settle back in to my own (or at least “known”) space for a little while.

Whew, I have a lot of other things to write about too! I will try to catch up on some events/topics over the next couple of days.

For now, I am going to go read in the sun 🙂


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