One month down…

Two to go.

I’m not counting down, honestly. I’m just amazed that a month has gone by so quickly! When I got here, and found out I’d be teaching almost 20 hours a week… I thought “how the heck am I going to fill 20 hours a WEEK with my project!” I thought the project itself would only take about 50 hours…

Now I’m thinking, “How am I going to finish in just two more months?!”

Let’s re-cap.

Three of the classes have learned how to use digital cameras… just the picture-taking part. They had the cameras for one week, and took some awesome pictures! I’m really excited for this coming week…

The “theme” they’re working with is self-portrait/autobiography. So this week we’re going to be in the computer lab deciding which of the 2,000 (that’s not an exaggeration) pictures they want to use as their self-portrait. Then they’ll copy and paste the picture (count on a day to learn that), crop the picture (another day), and type their autobiographies into the blogger software (two days). That’s a week in the computer lab right there.

As homework over the weekend, they have to find photos of family members to bring in to class.

The next week, we’ll make our family trees and talk about where we are in them (one day), attach photos to the family trees (one day), talk about family history and stories passed on through the generations and discuss how we can learn more about family history (one day), spend a day thinking of questions to ask about family history (one day), and a day practicing the interviews in class (one day).

Over the weekend, they’ll conduct interviews with their family members on family history and stories.

Then, a week in the computer lab. I will scan the photos into the computer, so they can copy/paste into a word processing software and make digital versions of their family trees (two days right there). Then they’ll type up the interviews (one day), decide what part of the interview they want to use to tell a story (homework and one day), and type their stories (homework and one day).

Then, on to community. They’re going to start by drawing a map of their community, just what they think it is (one day). Then we’ll talk about different types of community… discussion and reading, maybe (one day). We’ll talk about important places in their community, symbolism for the community, etc (one day). We’ll talk about people in the community, all of the different sub-communities (one day). We’ll plan what pictures we’re going to take to represent the community (one day). There’s another week.

That’s four weeks. We’re at March already!

And then a week with the cameras again.

And then another week in the computer lab. We’ll edit photos of the community (copy/paste, crop: one day), print photos of the community (one day), physically paste phots onto a photo map of the community (one day), write descriptions of the symbolism of the building/location in the blogger software (two days).

And then a day deciding who we’d like to interview to learn more about history in the community and talking about portraits. A day deciding what questions to ask and talking more about portraits. A day practicing the interviews in class. Two days interviewing and taking portraits of the person we interviewed.

And ANOTHER week in the compu lab… finishing things up! Typing their interviews, going over what’s important in the interview to the story they want to tell, editing photos… printing photos and text and arranging them on nice paper for a “gallery” display… oh boy.

I don’t even know if we’ll get to the “country history” or map unit that I had planned… I guess that’s something for the next teacher?!

And all of this is contingent on a few things: 1) the students being able to open email addresses, and then remembering those addresses and their passwords; 2) the internet working; 3) the batteries in the cameras not dying; 4) Henry being able to get print cartridges in Huehue; 5) my hard drive not exploding (I keep getting the message: “Your startup disk is nearing capacity. Please delete some files to continue working.”).

Ohh, boy.

Have I mentioned that I like challenges? 🙂


1 Response to “One month down…”

  1. 1 Fer* February 4, 2007 at 7:24 pm

    Hey Kati! How come the kids never come take any pictures of me for their projects, I thought they were somehow related to me… Im really photogenic and I can do blue steel, magnum or any hard look that you want for their projects…

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