I have mixed feelings about this.

Most days are mixed. The class goes exceedingly well, the kids are happy, I’m happy, the fotos are awesome….

Then the batteries die and segundo is restless and won’t stop talking and I want to cry because they don’t know what information you can learn from a news article even though we just went over the “who what where when why how” questions and established that we can learn *that* information to answer *those* questions from reading the article!

And then we have a “lunch meeting” and there is Eleazar and Otto from tercero and the other teachers want to suspend them because they’re the “instigators of generally obnoxious behavior.”

What?! And what, pray tell, will that do to solve the problem? They’ll just be instigating obnoxious behavior in the streets then! This is their last year of school! They’re smart kids, really smart, and this is the last opportunity they have… they’re lucky to even be in eighth grade.

It makes me really depressed.

But which is worse: kicking those two out, even if they’re smart, because they’re little punks… or letting them stay in class and pick on the three girls in tercero; call them names, poke them, grab them…

The three girls that dressed me up the other day came and talked to me, in whispers, yesterday. Apparently the boys in that class make fun of them in Chu’j, grab them, and poke them when the Gringo teachers aren’t looking (and can’t understand).

But we didn’t suspend them. Fer spoke up, and said that we should do something positive instead… and I don’t think Chico really wanted to kick them out, anyway. I tried to speak up, but… I don’t know if it’s because I’m a girl and I just look “soft” when I don’t think that kicking them out does any good… it must be. Because they take Chat seriously, and he and I are at about the same level of Spanish.

And that was it. We didn’t talk any more about it. Poor Eleazar looked like he was going to cry… his mom was sitting right behind him, and she doesn’t speak Spanish, so Chico would translate into Chu’j what the teachers were saying about her son.

Mostly positive things– how smart he is, how really he’s a leader, and this is an important quality… how he just lacks seriousness.

I wonder what will actually happen– whether anything actually “positive” will be done.

Otto’s parents didn’t come.


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