Extreme Days

Moods are like the weather here: when it’s good, it’s really good. The sun is shining, you can see forever, its warm. Fabulous

When it’s bad… oh boy. Freezing, the electricity goes out, you pile on all your clothes and drink all the cocoa… and you still can’t see across the street for all the fog.

Today has been good.

I was able to get some rechargeable batteries in Santa Eulalia the other night (see “in ganna ach”) and the kids have been going wild with taking pictures this week šŸ™‚

The segundo kids remembered how to turn on the computers, remembered what their user names and passwords were, remembered what program to use to browse the internet, remembered to double click the Firefox icon to open the program, remembered where to type http://www.google.es, and remembered the name of the largest circulating daily paper in Guatemala (we don’t actually receive newspapers out here… we’re learning about them by reading internet news articles).

I discovered that there is an Adobe-like graphics editor on Linux… very, very much like Photoshop. YESSSSSS!!!!

I decided that, to facilitate things with the cameras, I will load the pictures on to my computer, upload them as “private” photos onto Flickr, and from there the students can copy and paste (both basic computer functions that they need to practice) the photo into the graphics editor (“Gimp”) and crop/edit as they please (croping will help them practice moving the mouse around!). Then, they will copy/paste their edited photo into the blogger software (I’m setting up a blog for each class) and type their stories that they’ve written and edited in their notebooks.

The only class that doesn’t have computer time during *my* class is tercero, and they have lots of compu classes that they can work in.

I learned that I’ve been telling the students to “light the cameras on fire” instead of “turn the cameras on.” Heh. “incendiar” vs. “encender”. Whoopsies!

I also discovered that there is a SPANISH version of Ubuntu, the Linux OS that we’ve been using in English so far (making things a tad complicated for our second-language Spanish learners in the ComputaciĆ³n classes. Try saying “Haz un clik en Programs, y despuĆ©s un clik en Word Processor.”). The jury is out on whether Chat or I discovered it first… šŸ˜‰

But that would be amazing if Henry had all of the resources he needed to administer the system *in Spanish*, and if our kids could learn to use computers *in Spanish*. Wow. That would be fabulous.

And I love the whole concept of Linux… free software! I mean, that’s great! We don’t have to spend $1000s to support Microsoft just to run our computers!

We’ll see how the computer issues shape up… for now, I’m just happy we have graphics editors!!


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