The Things You Learn The "Hard Way"…

Add “difference between ‘normal’ batteries and ‘alkaline’ batteries” to the list.

Apparently, we live in a “technologically-enhanced” bubble in the United States. Which I already suspected, for better or for worse, but have just now confirmed. The only batteries you can purchase at home are alkaline, and therefore function in the majority of digital devices such as cameras.

Here, however, there are “normal” batteries, made only to function in pre-1999 devices such as film cameras and WalkMans. Also first-generation digital cameras (thankfully we have two of those… I never thought I’d be saying that!).

Being ignorant to the variety of batteries, I purchased bulk “normal” batteries yesterday. I was thrilled they were so affordable!

After turning on the cameras, we got a “Warning, Battery Exhausted!” sign.

This answers my film-vs-digital questions… next time it’s film, grant money or no. Unless I can find rechargable batteries in Santa Eulalia this afternoon– fingers crossed!

I feel the worst for the kids, who just looked at me like I was a complete idiot for buying them crappy batteries. They were like “what do you mean the cameras don’t work”… they just looked crushed!


Looks like I have a case of the Mondays!


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