Not All Who Wander Are Lost…

the best boots and pants i have ever purchased

The Saturday Hiking Club strikes again!Yesterday afternoon, Jess, Angela and I set off for a little walk towards the ruins. Angela and I continued hiking, following the dubious directions of a band of kiddios shouting English phrases at us (F@#$ you! Hello! F$@% you! What you name?).

We ended up in the middle of someone’s cornfield with the option of either continuing on the path down towards the river or heading back up to town. It was getting late, and we had no idea how far the river was, so we headed back.

But– after a crazy game of truth or dare last night (i bowed out after just a few rounds… people always find that i’m incredibly boring to play the game with.) this morning dawned bright and clear and just begged us to head out again.

Around 10 am we took off towards the ruins again, and retraced Angela’s and my steps through the cornfields. We stopped at the last little

tienda before we were officially “out” of town and bought two sweet rolls each for lunch later on.Angela and I promptly ate one each– the coffee just wasn’t going to get us as far as we wanted to go.

Chat was dead-set on finding “Pittsburgh”… or the confluence of the two rivers that flow down the valleys on either side of town.

We reached a little stone bridge after passing by a couple of farms, but decided that the two rivers that met just below the bridge couldn’t be the ones we were looking for. The second river was just too small! It must just be a spring that fed into this river… “Pittsburgh” must still be farther down the valley.The hiking was gorgeous. The trail was very well-traveled (people use it every day, after all, to get from home to San Mateo for business!) and the vegetation was really surprising!

At one point I was watching my footing, and noticed a fern growing across the trail– lady fern! I had spent all summer identifying those things for school groups out in Seattle! And then– horsetail! and sword fern! Woo hoo! I must be in a “wetlands”… that explained all the mud! 🙂

It got significantly warmer as we moved down-valley. At one point I was actually warm enough to go in just a tank top… I think that might have frightened the only other two people we saw walking.

After about 2 hours moving down-valley, we decided that we’d better turn around and head back up, since we didn’t really know how long it would take us to get back to town.

In all, we ended up walking about 4.5 hours total. Not too bad! By the time we climbed up the mountain back into town, we were starving. The sweet rolls (which are usually too dry for me to really stomach) were devoured around hour 2.5… unfortunately our favorite comedor did not have food ready-to-eat. Thankfully, María’s family’s place did! Delicious beef stew and lots (and lots) of tortillas.

Mmmm, I like this Saturday hiking thing. Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow and I can go for a bike ride…


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