Chu’j Makeover

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Chu’j Makeover #6, originally uploaded by katherine.fultz.

True to their word, María de Jesús and Juana, from my tercero básico class, showed up at lunch today to “dress me up properly,” including “doing something with my hair.”

They brought a beautiful red corte (skirt) and huipile (blouse) woven in San Mateo’s identifying design.

Unfortunately, my head was too fat to fit through the neck hole in the huipile! I borrowed one from the communal clothes closet that fit a bit easier.

The design, like all ceremonial huipiles in various regions in Guatemala, is unique to San Mateo, and in such a linguistically diverse area is used as an identifier for the town.

Only women wear huipiles; men have their own special capichais, also uniquely woven according to the town.

I honestly do not know much more about the weaving traditions (though I would like to read more– when I have some more time!) but there is a lot of literature (anthropological and otherwise) on weaving and identity in Guatemala and Mexico.

María and Juana promised that they would be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, and so on! to dress me! María even offered to wash the corte when I needed a clean one!

I feel so honored to have had them dress me up, and at their suggestion!


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