Holy endorphins, Batman!

oh HELLS yah!

despite now andando con tos (having a cough), that run was fan-frickin-tastic. holy crap it hurt! Jess and I started off up the mountain (okay, it was a hill… but a *steep* hill) outside the door of the Foundation. it leveled off temporarily, and then started climbing again. we hit the main road and decided to follow the path we took on our hike on Saturday. mud fest! whee! and then we doubled-back on the main road… running downhill in the rain is very interesting.

i’ll admit, we walked a few times, rested a few times, and I almost died despite all that walking and resting. it’s going to take me a bit to be able to keep up with Jess in the lung-capacity department.

keep in mind, we’re at 8,000+ feet, and there is very little level ground. 🙂 and i love it.

our goal was 30 minutes of running, and we made it an even 20… not bad. gives us something to work towards!

we came back and did sit-ups (crunchies) and i did some girl-pushups (my arms were really rubbery… didn’t know why i was so tired!) and planks. woot!

i’m trying to convince Jess to buy a local bike, and then she can come riding too 🙂

oh, Fer and Chat went for a run just a bit ago. copycats!! (hee hee, just kidding!) maybe we should make it a girls-vs-boys thing… just for entertainment’s sake. whoever logs the most time biking/hiking/running/sitting-up each month gets… i don’t know. maybe a block of hot cocoa? 😉

it certainly kicked my bad-exhausted mood… amazing what a little adreneline will do for ya!


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