I’ve woken up to rain and fog the past two days.

And a gentleman imitating the rooster. I thought he was drunk at first, but I’ve since learned that he has some sort of mental difficulty. I don’t know what the politically correct way to phrase that is.

Ugh, I feel like such a slug! Normally, I wouldn’t mind so much riding in the rain; but here I’m so scared that I’ll get hit by one of those crazy trucks or buses! The visability is so bad in the fog… you can barely see across the street.

I don’t think I’d be so exhausted if I could be exercising. Maybe I’ll take up running… running up the mountain might be fun.

It’s official… Jess and I are going to run this afternoon. We have an hour and a half break between classes… just enough time to run for 45 min, and come home and shower before class.

I talked to my advisor about my doubts regarding the moral questions in my research… he was very helpful, and I suppose it’s good to contemplate these things on paper.

I had three classes this morning, and a fourth this afternoon.

Cuarto Magisterio was much better today, and I think having them write stories about the photos might be helpful. We’ll spend another day or two on stories, and then move on to framing.

Segundo Basico was a challenge, however. My Spanish abilities were a little sketchy today (more so than normal) and I kept messing up the verb tenses. The kids pick up on that so quickly, and call me out! They also make comments in Chu’j, which generally ilicit giggles from the entire class. I’m trying to think of how to keep them on task a little more easily. It’s very hard to judge how much they’re understanding, and if they understand where I’m trying to “go” with the course.

In Tercero this afternoon, I think I’ll print out one photo, larger, and use it with the entire class. Then they can make up a story with it based on suggestions. I’ll bet we can work with the one foto for the entire class.

Whew… have I mentioned that I love BBC.com’s “Day in Pictures”? They have some really weird ones, which is great for getting the kids giggling about something other than my Spanish (!), but they also have just a lot of high-quality news-pictures, which are perfect for using with the story-telling exercise. Plus, it’s exposure to current events and other cultures for the students.


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