Cuarto Magisterio

HOORAY! I survived my first class!
I had the “older kids” today… the youngest was 16, and the oldest 21 (my age! woah…). Cuarto magisterio is about equal to 10th grade, except all of the students are studying to be teachers. Normally on Wednesdays I’ll also have Primero, Segundo, and Tercero básico, which is roughly 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. Gulp.One thing deserves a mentioning here: The “school” doesn’t exactly have its own building. They’ve moved every year since establishment… this year they’re (we’re) in a newish concrete building; so new, in fact, they’re still working on the electric. I was in the largest classroom today, and my 19 students barely fit. I’m wondering how we’ll fit 47 students in during Primer Básico?Anyway, we started out with a “rhythm and names” game where we slapped our legs in unison, clapped our hands in unison, and then snapped our fingers in unison. On the snaps, each person took turns saying his/ her name to the rhythm. It went well, and elicited giggles from everyone. Especially when I asked how to say “snap” in Spanish. (se dice click).

Miraculously, I didn’t make too many mistakes speaking! At least, I only caught a few. I introduced myself, talked about the class and what we’d be doing, and went over rules. They copied down the rules for the class… fun stuff. And then I went around and took each of their photos!

They thought that was hilarious. A lot of the girls could not stop laughing, and covered their faces, etc. I let them take a picture of me, afterwards:

foto por Sunamita, cuarto magisterio

I think with my other classes I’ll have them take a picture of me first, and then I’ll take their pictures. I wanted to make picture name-tags for them, and just use it as an icebreaker. It worked pretty well! We all got to laughing hysterically… it was fun.

I ended with having them write about what they thought about photography for 10 minutes. I collected it afterwards to see what they had to say. I told them not to worry about grammar or anything, just to write as they wanted.

I got some very thoughtful responses, one weirdish one from one of the boys (he wants a picture of me to remember my name and he’d like a picture of my family… I guess that’s what I told all of them, eh? More than fair enough on his part). Several people had obviously copied from each other, so I think that maybe I’ll have to do something different next time. Thoughts, anyone?

Tomorrow I’m going to bring in a couple of fotos to share with the class and begin learning how to “read” photos. Should be interesting (ha ha, catchword of the semester!).


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