I’m never sure how to start these things off… I suppose “welcome”? Or…

You’ve found my blog! Hooray!

This blog will be my (informal) record of three months, one week in San Mateo Ixtatán, Guatemala, from January 4- April 11, 2007.

This blog will be the non-academic, slang-filled personal account of my experiences. Please be forewarned that it will detail mainly the food I eat, local weather patterns, and my exercise habits. I’ll probably talk about my project quite a bit, since it’ll be on my mind a lot. The blog will most certainly contain phrases such as “insanely awesome,” “freaking amazing,” or “abso-bloody-lutely hellish” (when the going gets really rough). Also be aware that there will be numerous references to bikes, biking, and photos of bikes from Guatemala. I really can’t help it.

I welcome any and all of your comments… Just remember that this is a public (or semi-public) forum– which means if you comment on my project, I can quote you without asking permission, mwahaha.

So thanks for reading, and please feel free to pass the address along to anyone who might be interested in my project or travels.



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